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Animals and humans have coexisted forever and despite the working relationships between people and their pets, farm, fish, or other being, the threat of disease is always prevalent. Depending on your current situation, the need for any animal clean-up services may be necessary as anything from E-coli to salmonella and other easily transmitted diseases are potentially hazardous to the operation - including household pets, who can also carry disease.

Animal disease and your health are both extremely relevant topics today. No matter the type of pet or farming being completed, the potential for health hazards exist. In addition, pest infestations can also create circumstances that are often outside the realm of any general cleaning in order to return a space to its previous state. The range of availability for animal clean up is broad, including removal of carcasses should this be a part of any problem.  

Why you should use Denver Decontamination for Animal Clean-up

A wide array of differing circumstances can be addressed under the animal clean-up umbrella. For this reason, getting a full grasp of the situation at hand and then developing an appropriate plan for returning a space to its previous state is a critical part of the process. From removal of pests who have been eradicated to cleaning left behind stalls that carry potential disease, each and every situation is different and requires its own plan of attack.

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines will always be followed when dealing with livestock, pets, or animals of any variety. Taking steps to ensure the health and safety of both humans and the animals is a distinct priority.

Removal of the necessary debris will be executed in a timely manner. Depending on the given situation, this could involve removing animal waste, blood, or carcasses themselves. No matter what the current situation, rest assured knowing that each and every impacted space will be returned to efficient working order in the smallest amount of time.

After animal or animal waste removal, the areas impacted by the concern will be disinfected and given a thorough cleaning. If animals will be returning to the area then steps will be taken to ensure they can come back safely and not be displaced for any considerable amount of time. In the event something (i.e. infestation) has occurred inside a residence, the same care and cleanliness will be applied with the least obstructionable methods.