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In terms of messes that need to be cleaned up, sanitized, and disinfected, there is perhaps no issue more sensitive and complex than blood and trauma cleanup scenes. Whether it be a homicide, suicide, industrial accident, or an infectious disease contamination, these scenarios require the utmost dedication to the details, as one missed part of the process can result in individuals becoming infected with harmful diseases and pathogens. You should never leave this task to someone who is inexperienced and untrained, as it can lead to them coming down with an illness or leaving the scene vulnerable for others in the area. 

Denver Decontamination utilizes a compassionate and discrete approach when dealing with blood and trauma cleanup scenes, as we understand the delicate nature of these situations. We provide a fast response time to ensure clients are not left to deal with the mess themselves. In order to effectively remove all harmful materials, Denver decontamination employs protective gear to ensure no materials contaminate any other part of the scene. 

We also are committed to restoring scenes to their original state and utilize the proper cleaning solutions in order to achieve this goal. We understand that removing blood and trauma materials is only one part of the process, and we are expert and adept at restoring locations to their original condition to make sure there is no memory of this tragic situation.

Why You Should Use Denver Decontamination For Blood and Trauma Cleanup

There are many contractors available who will offer to take care of your blood and trauma scene needs, but it’s important to understand that not all of these companies will follow a thorough and effective procedure in order to complete the task at hand. When you work with Denver decontamination, you will be working with a contractor with an effective cleaning process. First, we will assess the situation to determine what needs to be done. Next, we will control and setup properly according to OSHA recommendations. We then remove all contaminated items and clean, disinfect, and deodorize as required.