Crime Scene Clean Up

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There are a number of different factors which could result in the need of such professioanl services - including homicide, suicide, unattended death, blood, potential communicable disease, some type of major accident, or anything else - ensuring your space is properly maintained and returned to its original state - prior to the event - is a priority. Cost is covered by insurance company.

By following Denver Decontamination's tried and true process for attacking all matters of cleaning needs, your space will meet all OSHA Standards for cleanliness once completed so there’s no doubt about the state of your surfaces after treatment. Not only will all affected areas be returned to their original means but care will also be given to the timeliness of executing each situation directly.

Why you should use Denver Decontamination for Crime Scene Clean Up

First, a full examination of the entire situation will be derived to ascertain the best approach for providing a proper cleaning. Depending on the surfaces impacted and construction materials associated with the event, there may be some variance as to how each task is handled as each and every instance presents its own unique set of circumstances.

Outside factors will be negated in order to provide a controlled environment and prevent any potential spreading of liquids, chemicals, or dangerous materials. By quickly and efficiently setting up a safe space to operate, our crews can begin to address your cleaning needs in a timely manner without fear of interruption or outside influence.

Removal of any items associated with the event can be completed, in addition to such action for damaged or unsalvageable materials at the scene. This helps to reach the core of a treatment area and assists in moving the process along effectively.

Once these items have been properly addressed, the main course of action can then safely begin. A plan will be developed and cleaning of the areas, including disinfecting and deodorization (if warranted) begins immediately. Every situation is a stand alone project and given its own special and deserved attention.